Victoria’s Secret Flagship Store, London

Creative direction of an in-store media experience, bringing Victoria’s Secret brand to life at a thrilling scale, while enticing customers to explore different floors of the Bond Street store. An intelligent, centralized digital media platform was created to support five distinct canvases, the largest of which is three stories tall. The system is automated to create endlessly unique content compositions drawing from Victoria’s Secret videos, photography and fashion show footage. Generative ambient content was designed to serve as floating transitions, drawing attention to and movement up the store's dramatic spiral staircase.

Creative Direction on behalf of experience design studio Apologue. Creative Agency & Production by Apologue: Tali Krakowsky, ecd; Beth Elliott, cd; Marissa Levin, producer. Software Development by Automata Studios; System Design & Technology Integration by Audio, Video & Controls; Animations by Iron Claw.